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Windshield Damage: Different Types Explained

Different Types Of Windscreen Damage ExplainedWindshield damage is something none of us wants to have to deal with. Many people are under the impression that as soon as a small chip or crack develops on the windshield, you have to get that windshield replaced immediately! However, this is not the case in some scenarios.

Repairs or replacement all depends on the type and extent of the windscreen damage. Therefore, do not worry if you’re dealing with this dilemma right now, because this post will help you understand more about the types of damage and whether you can get it repaired, or if you need a new windscreen.

Different Types of Windshield Damage


This is definitely one of the most popular forms of damage that most auto glass repair professionals deal with on a daily basis. Most of the time these cracks are small, but can be large and have some lines protruding from the main source of the crack. The different kinds include:

  • Stress: These are caused by temperature fluctuations such as extreme heat or extreme cold.
  • Edge: These types often start at the windshield’s edge but can get up to 10-12 inches in length, if not treated quickly.
  • Floater: They start in the middle of the screen (more than 2 inches from the edge) and can be many different lengths/sizes. If not treated, temperature fluctuations can make these worse over time.
  • Chip: Often caused by a small impact hit and are small in diameter.

Chips/Stone Break

Also called ‘dings’. These are a common occurrence when it comes to windscreen damage. They’re often caused by debris or rocks that fly towards the windshield whilst driving and the impact marks the car glass.

To elaborate, small pieces of glass are chipped away, but it is easily repaired if seen to as soon as they are created. If left, they grow and then the option of windscreen chip repair will be out of the window.


This kind of damage can be caused by an impact hit, just like chips or stone breaks. They are called bullseye because the damage looks a bit like a dartboard. Usually, if there is too much glass that is chipped away it can’t be repaired, a small crack can be repaired without having to consider glass replacement.

Star Break

These are smaller in size with multiple cracks coming out of the centre of the original chip. They kind of looks like a firework or a star pattern, hence the name! These can usually be repaired, but the mark will always be slightly visible, which isn’t great if you intend to sell your car in the future.

Combination damage

This is when there are several types of windscreen damage present, like chips, dings, and cracks. If the damage is too extensive or too deep, then the whole windshield needs replacing.

How to Avoid Getting Windshield Damage

Whilst it is impossible to prevent stones or debris from hitting your windshield (they never tire from the battle), there are some easy ways to help preserve it:

  • Avoid pouring boiling or hot water onto your windscreen in cold temperatures. The sudden change in temperature could cause the glass stress and you could end up with a cracked windscreen.
  • Ensure that your windscreen wipers are adequately working and clear of dirt/debris build-up, as this can aid in preventing damage to your windscreen.
  • Regularly and thoroughly inspect your windscreen for marks, as this is a good way to catch any small damage before it gets too late. In actual fact, it’s useful to check all your vehicle’s glass, such as your rear windows, for example, just to avoid not spotting any chips or cracks that have formed.
  • Drive carefully on poor road surfaces and making sure you stay at a reasonable and safe distance from the cars in front of you. This is a good way to stop any stones or debris coming your way at high speeds.

Is it Illegal/Can I Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

Having a cracked windscreen could, unfortunately, be considered as a motoring offence because you are using a vehicle in a dangerous condition. The Highway Code states that the driver should have a full, clear view of the road. A damaged windscreen can obscure the view and you could end up with a penalty of three points on your license and a fine to pay. If you happen to have an accident whilst driving with damage to your windshield, you could end up being charged with a more serious offence.

Will I Fail My MOT If I Have A Cracked or Chipped Windscreen?

If the damage is more than 40mm in size, then it could result in an MOT failure. However, even if you have a small crack in the drivers’ side of the windscreen obscuring the view, this could also lead to MOT failure, because the damage is directly in the driver’s way/line of vision and of course drivers should have a full view of the road.

Do You Offer Windscreen Replacement Near Me?

Bodyteq is based in Greenwich, London and we offer a large range of services, one being windscreen replacement! If you have a large chip or crack that isn’t eligible for windshield repair, then book your vehicle in with us to have your windscreen replaced! You can either fill in our quick and easy online form or you can contact us on 0207 998 4712.

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