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The complete guide to understanding Honda dashboard warning light symbols

Any new car owner will likely be afraid when an unfamiliar symbol blinks on the dashboard. If you are one, the Honda dashboard warning light symbols might be a scary experience for you. However, these signs are meant to make driving safe for you.

For safety reasons, modern vehicles have dashboard warning lights that reflect. Several signs and symbols reflect on the dashboard in different colours depending on the status of the particular system. There are primarily three lights that inform the driver of the condition of different parts of the vehicle:

  • Green: The system is in great condition
  • Yellow: The system needs attention
  • Red: The system is at fault and dangerous

These three colours help communicate with the driver about the working condition of your vehicle to maintain the safety on road. In this guide, you will learn about Honda dashboard warning light symbols for easy understanding.

Honda Dashboard Warning Light Symbols

Here are the Honda car dashboard symbols and meanings that will last you about the functionality of your vehicle.

Brake System

The brake system light ignites when the handbrake is applied. However, if the warning light is still blinking after you have released the handbrake, there are chances that the brakes can die at any time. With time, discs and brake pads wear down, which can lead to damage. This can also indicate some other faults in the brakes, such as a lower level of brake fluids, issues with the driving aids like anti-lock brakes and other problems. To get it fixed, seek help from the nearby car service centre. Stop the car if the Anti-lock brakes system light is blinking red.

Engine Cooling System

The engine cooling system is quite an important part of a car. To ensure that the motor works at the perfect temperature. If the engine cooling system warning light ignites, it means that there is insufficient coolant fluid. This sign can also mean that there is some sort of blockage or airlock that is causing the vehicle to overheat. When this light starts to blink, make sure you stop the car immediately at a safe spot. Check the coolant level and fill it if the level is lower. Refer to a nearby repair centre if the light continues to blink.

Engine Oil Pressure

Once it ignites, switch off the car immediately at a safe place. Look for the engine oil level. In case you do not know how to do it, check the vehicle manual for the instructions. If the engine oil level is low, you will have to top it up with the right engine oil that is suitable for your car. You will find this mentioned in the vehicle handbook for your ease. In case the problem continues, you will have to seek help from professionals.

Power Steering System

When your power-assisted steering has a problem. You need to get it checked by professionals as there can be several reasons for this warning light to blink. This light illuminates if there is any leak, issue with the pump or system failure. Ignoring it can increase the resistance of the steering wheel.

Airbags & Seat Belt

One of the most essential parts of your safety, airbags and seatbelt warning lights need not be ignored. If this warning light starts to blink, make sure you drive very slowly to the nearby car repair centre. Do not risk it as your safety features are not working. Make distance from other vehicles and drive safely.

Charging System Warning Light

Your modern car has a lot of electric gadgets installed in it. If while driving you face a problem with the charging system, get to your nearest car service centre. If the light blinks, your car will not function until it is fully charged. You will need the help of a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset the Honda warning lights?

Resetting the warning lights is a simple process. Turn on the ignition key while depressing the reset button. Make sure you hold the button until the light turns off. Wait for 60 seconds as you turn off the car. Restart the engine and check if the warning light turns on again.

How to check the Honda system message?

On your dashboard, you will find your Honda system message that will ignite with an ā€˜iā€™ sign. This sign will come along with a beep to make you aware. Seek help from professionals.

What do the different colours of Honda Dashboard Warning Light Symbols mean?

The colours of the Honda dashboard warning lights indicate the severity of the issue. Red lights indicate a serious problem that requires immediate attention, while yellow or amber lights indicate a less severe issue that should be addressed soon.

How do I know which Honda dashboard warning light is on?

The warning lights are usually located on the instrument panel, and they will light up when there is an issue. Refer to your Honda owner’s manual for the location and meaning of each warning light.

What should I do if a Honda dashboard warning light comes on?

It depends on the severity of the issue. If it’s a red light, stop the vehicle immediately and seek assistance. If it’s a yellow or amber light, it may be safe to continue driving briefly but you should have the issue addressed as soon as possible.

Can I continue driving if a Honda dashboard warning light is on?

It depends on the severity of the issue. If it’s a red light, it is not safe to continue driving. If it’s a yellow or amber light, you may be able to continue driving for a short period, but you should have the issue addressed as soon as possible.

How do I turn off a Honda dashboard warning light?

You cannot turn off a Honda dashboard warning light unless you address the issue that is causing it to light up. Once the issue is resolved, the light will turn off

Why is my Honda dashboard warning light flashing?

A flashing Honda dashboard warning light usually indicates a serious issue that requires immediate attention. Stop the vehicle and seek assistance.

How do I reset a Honda dashboard warning light?

You can reset some Honda dashboard warning lights by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, but this should only be done if you have addressed the underlying issue that caused the warning light to come on in the first place. Consult your owner’s manual or a professional mechanic for guidance.
To help you communicate with the vehicle easily, the honda dashboard warning light symbols illuminate. These signs help understand the working condition of different systems in the vehicle. It is important to decode the meaning to enjoy safe driving. Make sure to refer to a mechanic if you are not able to resolve the problem indicated on the dashboard.


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