05 Apr, 19

Car Bumper Repair Bodyshop in London

Bumper Repair in London

Did you know the purpose of a bumper is to absorb impact damage from a minor collision? You could say that damage to the bumper is then expected. However, vehicles are no longer just a means of transport, they’re a fashion accessory as well and let's face it, no one intentionally dresses up to look bad, so why should your vehicle let you down? A recent study on statista showed that in 2017 there were 31.2 million licensed cars across…

10 Aug, 17

How To: Plastic Bumper Repair Using DIY Repair Kits

Bumper Repair Kit

Plastic Bumper Repair - How To GuideWhether someone else is to blame or it was due to a wrong move, being faced with a scratched, scuffed or cracked bumper is not a pleasant sight. Facing high costs to get it repaired by a local garage isn't appealing either, especially when it comes to ensuring they get the colour spot on and do a perfect job. Modern bumpers now consist of steel structures encased in plastic covers, therefore repairs can be…