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Top Tips For Driving This Summer

Top Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips!

Whether it’s a daily commute, a school run or a trip to the coast, driving in summer can have its challenges and it looks like summer is now in full swing. Rising temperatures can make your car behave differently and we’ve all at some point been caught in a traffic jam during a heat wave due to a broken down vehicle, so we’ve put together some top tips to keep you and your car safe and smiling this summer.


Hayfever is often overlooked and can be very dangerous for drivers. Sneezing at 70mph can cause you to lose sight of the road for up to 100 meters. In a recent survey carried out by Halfords, 27% of UK drivers suffer from hayfever and 1 in 3 admitted to being distracted by hayfever when driving.

There are many ways to help relieve the symptoms of hayfever, my personal favourite is a few drops of Opticrom in the eyes and a Magnum Double Caramel. Remember to always go for a non-drowsy form when driving. Keeping a tissue at hand and your windows + vents closed should help to relieve hayfever symptoms but if you do suffer severely, it may be best to delay your journey – 2 Million drivers are thought to have had an accident, near miss or lost control of a vehicle due to hayfever.

Plan Your Journey

Expect increased traffic on the roads, especially around the school holidays. A broken down car on the motorway could cause you big delays and nobody likes to be stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of a heat wave. Always plan your route and check live traffic updates to avoid congestion where possible – Remember to stock up on water for your journey in case of the inevitable.

Check Your Tyres Regularly

Heat causes air to expand which raises the pressure in your tyres. This will affect both the performance of your car and your own safety, by reducing grip on the road, affecting the handling and could even result in a blowout.

Check Your Car’s Fluids

During the summer, we all need water to keep us hydrated and your car is no different. Always remember to check your car’s fluid levels, especially before a long journey. Overheating problems are one of the most common with rising temperatures so be sure to get the coolant checked and topped up if needed as well as clear out any debris that could potentially block your fan from kicking in.


Glare from the Sun can become a major obstruction for our visibility when driving in summer. Sunglasses are not just for looking cool, they will help to reduce glare. The car washer bottle + wipers are often overlooked in summer, however, making sure your windscreen is always clean is a surprisingly good way to countering the dazzle in even the sunniest conditions.


Parking in the Sun will increase the temperature inside your vehicle but can also harm the cars paintwork. If left for a long time, the paintwork on your car could start to fade or run. Always park in a shade where possible or even invest in a car cover, this would also be effective against those pesky summer bugs that like to stick to the body of the car. However, if you do notice any imperfections this summer then don’t worry, call Bodyteq and we’ll be happy to help!

Rest & Stay Safe

Driving in the summer sun and warm weather can make you drowsy, especially when driving long distances. Plan your route and include regular stops if necessary for rest as well as stocking up on water to keep you and your passengers hydrated.

We hope you’ve found these simple summer tips useful! And remember, if your vehicle is looking a little on the dull side, there is still time to bring it in for a high quality, cost effective car body repair. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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