Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Bumper Repair Specialists

After viewing our website, the owner of this beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo got in touch with us to help with some damage to the front bumper. The vehicle was hit whilst parked at his house in London and so he was unable to get the details from the other party.

The customer approached us with a little hesitation because he was concerned on the strength of the bumper after having it repaired – being fibre glass specialists and having carried out similar repairs before, we assured the customer that we were able to stitch the bumper and perform a repair which would strengthen the cracked corner and get the vehicle back to it’s pre-accident condition.

From the images below you can see the crack was right on the edge of the bumper but we still managed to repair it and the finished result was as strong as ever – the customer was very pleased with the results and has since recommended us on the supercar club.