Fiat Mito Dent Repair

We had a customer come to us, explaining that her vehicle had been the victim of a hit and run; a massive lorry was going down a side street and scraped the back along the side of her vehicle and didn’t even have the decency to stop and leave a note. Her neighbour alerted her of the incident, however, they were unable to get the registration details of the lorry driver.

Distressed about the damage, the owner of the vehicle came to us for repair work. We examined the extent of the damaged panel and decided we would have to pin pull and beat the panel back into shape. To elaborate, we wielded small pins to the body of the vehicle and then used a slide hammer, which locks onto the pins, to pull the dent out of the panel.

As you can see in the photographs below, we were successful in the dent repair and the vehicle’s panel looked as good as new, thus the customer was happy with the results! If you find that you have collected similar car body damage, we offer a range of dent repair services, so don’t hesitate to contact Bodyteq for a free quote!