Ferrari 355 Berlinetta Replica Car Body Repair

One customer brought in a Ferrari 355 Berlinetta Replica with a chassis that is based on a 2001 Toyota MR2 with a 2.0 Litre Petrol Engine. Here’s a little bit of background knowledge for you; the Toyota MR2 chassis is a preferred base for Ferrari replica’s and even for Lamborghini replica’s, due to the wheelbase being almost identical, thus less modification is required.

The owner of this Ferrari told us there was an incident with his vehicle, where somebody stood on the sill panel, causing it to crack away from the rest of the body. He was under pressure to get the repairs done in a limited time for a car show that he had lined up, and he requested us to get it done as soon as possible. The process entailed us re-attaching the sill and reinforcing it by stitching it in, then bonding it to the body with fibreglass, before finishing it off with a paint job.

Unfortunately, the owner provided us with an incorrect size/font of the Ferrari decal that was meant to go on the sill, so he decided to leave it off and get it done later due to the short time frame.

Check out the images for a visual on the initial damage on the vehicle and the images after we successfully re-attached the sill panel, making it look like there were no signs of damage in the first place! If you’re facing a similar problem with your vehicle, let these images be proof that we are experienced and efficient in our repair jobs, and will ensure you leave Bodyteq feeling content! Call us today for a free quote.