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Letting the Sunshine In – The Pros and Cons of Car Sunroof

Using a car simply involves more than just getting from A to B; it also involves enjoying the journey. Because of this, installing a car sunroof gives its occupants the much-needed impression of having large interiors with hair blowing in the wind, making them happy.

A sunroof’s primary purpose is to provide all of the occupants of a car. With access to the outside and to create an atmosphere inside the automobile. Sunroofs are a common feature in modern vehicles, and they are simple to install in older vehicles as well.

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Many owners are hesitant to install a sunroof into their cars. So it’s important to have a great guide to stay on top of the latest trends. This blog will cover all aspects of car sunroofs, including how to install, fix, and maintain them throughout a vehicle’s lifetime.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of a Car Sunroof?


  • The sensation of openness A big panoramic sunroof adds grandeur to the voyage when a car travels down winding roads past forests, beaches, and mountain ranges. Families can enjoy the breathtaking natural vistas together, creating a panoramic perspective for everyone to take in.
  • A sunroof is necessary for making priceless moments and improves the trips by bringing openness inside the cabin.
  • automobile value: When looking to purchase an automobile, a buyer looks for more than just a well-built, well-kept vehicle; they also consider the packing. A stunning, slick roof can significantly raise selling prices.
  • A retrofit sunroof adds significant value to older car generations and distinguishes them from competing models. An owner will be rewarded for their efforts, and one can anticipate a five- to ten-percent rise in the selling costs.


  • Many people recall their early adventures as family outings, and automobile camping is a common option to keep cosy in far-off places.
  • Camping takes on a new dimension when you stay up late and sleep under the starry sky coming from the sunroof. Having a car sunroof installed has the benefit of allowing for comfort in remote areas.
  • Other benefits Sunlight is a necessary component of existence; it is an absolute necessity in contemporary society. Through the sunroof, all of the passengers will breathe in plenty of fresh air and receive a healthy dosage of vitamin D.
  • There have been numerous examples of sunroofs being used as emergency escape hatches in flood-affected communities. In locations with frequent rainfall and flooding, it continues to be well-liked and has saved many lives.
  • Sunroofs can help prevent the car from turning into a hot box in areas that are located in tropical regions with intense heat waves.
  • The advantages of a sunroof in a car are endless, and because of its adaptability, people throughout the world pay more to have one installed in their automobile.



  • A car sunroof is made and intended to be extremely dependable and durable for a lengthy period. However, they are essentially mechanical components with several moving parts that are susceptible to wear.
  • Sunlight, wind, moisture, dust, and other environmental elements are frequently exposed to through a sunroof. One may experience problems like rusting, seal breakage, and improper greasing, which might result in the motor breaking.
  • The owner must take good care of the vehicle and make the effort necessary to regularly clean and inspect the parts.
  • To guarantee that they are kept in good condition for the duration of the vehicle’s life, have your car’s sunroof replaced by trustworthy establishments.

Weight issue

  • Retrofitting a sunroof onto a new car for which it was not intended can present difficulties.
  • Depending on the type of sunroof being fitted, the glass may be heavy and need to be modified. To make sure an automobile can support the weight, it may be necessary to reinforce the vehicle’s shell.
  • It’s possible to see a five to ten per cent decrease in the car’s mileage per gallon.

Extreme weather

  • A metallic sunroof will always offer better protection from the outside environment for the people seated inside the automobile. In areas that experience high cold and heat, glass as an element provides less protection.
  • You now know all the benefits and drawbacks of car sunroofs. Sunroofs are manageable even in harsh conditions provided the procedure is understood and the car is regularly maintained.

The Various Sunroof Types

  • Keep an eye out as we discuss the various car sunroof installation options because each type of sunroof has a distinct benefit.
  • The pop-up Sunroof has a clasp on one edge that raises the mirror to allow light and air into the cabin. In contrast to a typical sunroof, this one has a front-mounted hinge that does not slide out. These sunroofs have the advantage of being manually controlled, which reduces their cost compared to alternatives.
  • Since the mechanism is far more straightforward and manageable than conventional systems, it is better suited for low-budget applications. Negatives often have a tiny surface area, which puts the occupants of the back seats at a disadvantage due to their positioning in the front seats.

The sunroof that slide

  • They frequently produce more oomph and are the preferred option for new automobile models. They fall into one of three categories: built-in, tilt-and-slide.

Choices with a view

  • The car’s built-in sliding sunroofs slide into the roof compartment with style. They can be opened or closed manually or automatically by pressing an electrical button.
  • The mirror usually comes off the automobile thanks to the tilt and slide, allowing the sun to stream through. The most expensive option is panoramic, which has a mirror that covers the entire roof and can be partially opened to let in light. Compared to the pop sunroof, this option has the advantage of letting a lot more light and air into the cabin.
  • The disadvantage of this solution is that installing it in older cars may be prohibitively expensive. The vehicle model may frequently be unable to support such a change, creating structural problems.


1) What Is The Price To Install A Sunroof On A Car?

The installation fee ranges from 650 to 3000 pounds in the UK. The type of sunroof fitted and the extent of the installation work determine the ultimate cost. Pop-up sunroofs are relatively inexpensive, whereas panoramic ones are more expensive.

Can the glass on the sunroof be replaced?

Yes, you can replace the glass in a sunroof with the help of an expert, such as an auto glass technician. To purchase a new glass. One must first bring the old one into the workshop where they will be given specs based on the type, size, and other unique characteristics. The labour costs dependent on the intricacy of the glass replacement will be included in the final price.

3. Can The Sunroof Be Replaced With A Regular Roof?

The sunroof can be replaced with a conventional roof, but this requires quality equipment and metallurgical expertise. The rooftop where the sunroof originally stood must be covered with a sealed top panel that is constructed and welded. Apply the proper headliners after that and continue driving the non-sunroof vehicle. The finished product must be flawless and impossible to tell apart from a sunroof automobile.

Q4: Is a Car Sunroof Good or Bad?

Everyone has a different opinion about whether a car’s sunroof is a good or bad feature. People who have trouble maintaining the sunroof are likely to leave a bad review. Others could appreciate their panoramic glass’s stunning vistas, but ease of maintenance would provide for a better experience. One should make their own decisions because it is fully up to them.

Q5: A sunroof can be installed in a car, but is it safe?

Ans Yes, however, there are situations when it can compromise the vehicle’s structural integrity. The car’s roof, which gives the structure rigidity, is an essential component of the vehicle. A glass sunroof that was added aftermarket can weaken the frame and call for further bracing.


A well-qualified auto glass mechanic can simply install a sunroof, which is a great addition to any old automobile. The advantages of a sunroof can completely change the inside of a car and give it a new atmosphere.

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To increase the experience and provide plenty of openness. One can utilise their old automobile as a camper or embark on a road trip with the sunroof. By raising the selling price and lowering the upfront expenditures, they also provide a large amount of value. Although automobile sunroof maintenance may initially appear intimidating, using the aforementioned advice will help make the whole process more manageable.

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