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How to Replace Wing Mirror Glass Without Breaking

Even though they are rarely used, wing mirrors are a standard feature of all vehicles. You probably look in this mirror while driving every time to check out the surroundings. We frequently fail to pay attention to the wing mirror until it is covered in snow, is filthy, or is too unclean to function. This post is for you if you’re interested in learning how to replace wing mirror glass.

replace wing mirror

Your wing mirror can often suffer very severe damage. You could have scuffed it while driving through town or while attempting to park in a small space. In either case, it is not recommended to drive about with a damaged or shattered wing mirror. It might also result in a failed MOT certificate in addition to posing a risk to other people’s safety.

In certain instances, both the mechanical function and the body of the wing mirror are destroyed. This would necessitate changing the mirror entirely. In other cases, only the glass is broken or cracked, making it easy to just replace the affected glass.

Depending on how quickly you were going, the wing mirror may have been damaged. The wing mirrors will probably snap back if they collide with something at a low speed. Other times, there wouldn’t be any cracks or scratches, just a few spots where the mechanical part was hanging out. 

Additionally, I’ve seen instances when a pothole or speed breaker caused the wing mirror glass to pop out since it wasn’t correctly placed. The force of the shock when your automobile is facing it is strong enough to jolt the mirror out from the supporting plate. Make sure the mirror glass is mounted firmly.

Wing Mirrors on a Car and Their Features

Let’s first discuss some of the useful aspects of wing mirrors before learning how to replace wing mirror glass without cracking.

  • Remote Modification

Sincerely, this is one of the wing mirrors’ simpler and most user-friendly functions. The majority of contemporary vehicles come with remote mirror adjustment functions, allowing the driver to make adjustments while seated within the car. The button that regulates the driver and passenger side wing mirrors is often located close to the driver’s seat. This enables a highly customised driving experience for all types of drivers.

  • Electric heater

On the mirror glass, the chilly air and storming snow frequently leave a frozen film. The snow, water, or dew is thawed by the electric heating element featured in many contemporary car models, which restores the mirror to its previous sparkling condition.

  • Electric Dimming

The newest technology, electrochromic dimming, greatly improves your driving experience’s comfort and safety. To reduce the glare from the headlights of the automobiles behind you, the function modifies the mirror’s reflecting qualities. Considerably easy and effective, don’t you think?

How is the Wing Mirror Glass Replaced?

Replacement of the wing mirror glass is a fairly simple and affordable process in modern vehicles. In many cases, you may not even require any instruments to complete the task. The wing mirror glass may be changed in the following manner without causing any more harm.

Method #1 Replacing the Mirror

  • Step 1: Take out the Broken Mirror

Access the area behind the wind mirror using a plastic pry bar. Your fingers can fit behind it via a little opening, but be careful with the shattered glass. You can pop the mirror off the clips with a little work. You could find a few cables attached to the mirror if the mirror has extra functions like built-in signalling or heating elements. Before taking out the mirror, unplug them and label them. In another instance, prying the damaged wing mirror off requires removing the mirror’s ornate rear cover.

  • Step 2: Adding tabs and clips

Examining the clips and tabs is the second phase of how to replace wing mirror glass.  Every type of automobile employs a unique tab and clip system. Recognise which clip is snapped into which account. Before installing the replacement mirror, make sure to fix any damaged tabs or clips on the mounting plate. You could wish to get in touch with the dealer for the same if you’re wanting to replace the mounting plate.

  • Step 3: Lining the tabs

Reattach the cables to the mirror if your wing mirrors include heating elements or built-in turn signal repeaters. After that, align the taps and clips before positioning the mirror correctly on the mounting plate.

  • Step 4: Install the mirror

When you press hard, the clips ought should drop into position with audible clicks. Use your fingers to gently pry it to make sure it is fastened.

  • Step 5: Reset and Clean the Mirror

That’s it; the job is finished! Reposition the wing mirror so that you can see what is behind you clearly. Remove any smudges and fingerprints from the glass.

Method #2 – How to Replace Wing Mirror Glass?

Wing mirror glass is stuck using this technique. The next steps are simple to do.

  • Step 1: Discovering the Ideal Fit

Finding the proper replacement mirror glass for the driver’s or passenger’s side mirror is the first step.

  • Step 2: Cleaning it off!

Before attaching the wing mirror glass, the mirror may have some fractures or shattered splinters that need to be removed. To ensure that the glass sticks, the surface should be as smooth as possible.

  • Step 3: Remove Adhesive Using a Hairdryer

Remove a good portion of the glass from the backing plate if the wing mirror is seriously damaged. To get rid of any tenacious fragments, the heat from the hairdryer melts the glue holding the glass together.

  • Step 4: Placing the Sticker

Place the adhesive backing sheet on top of the broken glass or backing plate after peeling it off. Once it’s there, give it a little massage to make sure it’s properly adhered. We have now reached the conclusion of our guide on how to replace wing mirror glass. Keep an eye on this place if you’re seeking for more articles like this.

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