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How To: Replace A External Car Door Handle

It’s fairly easy to recognise when there’s a problem with one of your vehicle’s external door handles… What better sign than not being able to enter your car? Whether you have children who pull on them too hard, or it’s just down to wear and tear over time, a broken handle isn’t difficult to fix.

Door handles are responsible for controlling the latch mechanism which secures and locks the doors shut. When you pull up the handle, several linkage rods pull on the latch mechanism, and the door can then be opened.

Usually, people tend to just use quick fixes or just make do with a faulty door for as long as possible. However, this isn’t a great idea because as we all know, the longer you leave a problem, the worse it gets! Therefore, if you notice a problem with your car door handle, you should think about replacing it soon.

Signs That Your Door Handle Is Damaged

  • Your door handle might become loose: If you observe the handle and it looks like it isn’t properly secured to the door or you have to open the door with a bit more force than usual, the handle is most likely loose. This is one of the first issues that may occur, which will warn you that you should either see if it can be repaired or replace it.
  • The door won’t open: If the door doesn’t open from the inside or the outside, chances are that there is an issue with the exterior handle. There also could be an issue with the clips or linkage rods, as they can snap, which could be causing the problem.
  • The door will not stay shut: If the door handle or linkage rods are not functioning properly, the door will not be able to stay shut because the latch mechanism is faulty. As a result of this issue, you may have to forcefully slam the door shut or try several times to make it stay closed, as the damaged latch may prevent it from doing so.

If you need to look at replacing your door handle, here are some detailed instructions on how to do so. It is easy to do if you follow each step carefully. You may find it slightly fiddly, so you’ll need to pick an afternoon when you are completely free of other responsibilities and have plenty of time on your hands.

How To Fit A Door Handle

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that you have purchased the correct door handle for your vehicle. You can find this information from the vehicles manufacturer, or by consulting a professional.

Tool Checklist:

  • Spanner & socket set
  • Screwdriver
  • Painter’s tape
  • Replacement clips.

Step One: Remove the inner door panel so that you have access to the lock mechanisms. With the ignition in the on position, put the window all the way up and then switch the ignition off. Proceed to gently remove the inner door lining.

Step Two: To remove the old door handle, find the lock control rod by unclipping the main control rod for the door handle, using the access holes in the door. Then, disconnect the lock control rod by using a screwdriver and remove the clips that are holding it together. Remove the bolts that are used to keep the door handle attached. When all of the bolts have been removed, carefully move the handle in a way that allows it to come loose.

Step Three: The next step is to remove the locking cylinder. You can do this by using a small screwdriver to unclip the retainer that is holding it in place. Once it is unscrewed, push it so it comes out of its place and get the new door handle and put it in the correct positioning so you can still use your key to unlock or lock the door.

Step Four: Around the body of the lock, there will be some plastic clips. Ensure you check all of these to make sure they are in good condition and none are broken. If there are any that are damaged, change them and then your new handle should be ready to place on.

Step Five: Put the new car door handle on the frame, trying not to damage the paintwork. You can use some masking/painter’s tape around the door handle area so that you can do the job without scratching or marking up your exterior door. A good quality tape will ensure that it can be removed easily.

When you have placed it in the correct positioning, start to fix the handle in place using the bolts. Secure the handle by reconnecting the control rods to it, using the replacement plastic clips. Make sure the lock mechanism is working properly and everything is screwed in and secure.

Step Six: Replace the door panel back in place correctly so that you can open and close the door properly. The locking system should be properly engaged, and you can make sure it is by giving the door a bit of a nudge from the inside if it doesn’t happen straight away. If the door handle is a bit stiff, this is natural and it will ease up over a few days.

Remember, this is a guideline of how to replace your door handle if you choose to it yourself. If replacing them doesn’t work, or there is a more serious problem with your car doors, you may need to look at getting a professional door handle replacement.

Do You Offer Car Door Handle Replacement?

At Bodyteq, our skilled technicians can inspect your external door handle and we can determine whether you will need the door handle repaired or replaced. If you’re interested in our services, book in with us today, either by filling in our quick and easy online form or giving us a call on 02079984712!

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