18 Aug, 15

Hassle Free Insurance Accident Repairs in London

Car Repair Insurance EstimateWhen your vehicle has been involved in a non-fault accident you would expect the claims procedure to be fairly straight forward. In an ideal world you would contact your insurance company and notify them of the accident. Then wait for your courtesy vehicle to be delivered, the damaged vehicle to be taken away for repairs and returned once the repairs are completed to industry standards. That would be the perfect scenario right? – Unfortunately in reality it is far from what actually happens.

If you have been in a non-fault accident, your insurance company will require a statement from you (written or verbal) to identify how the accident happened. They will then approach the third party insurance company and if the third party has accepted liability then your insurance company will begin looking at where to repair your vehicle. The insurance company will have an internal list of repairers they have worked closely with but will ask you to go out and in your own time collect 2-3 quotations for the repairs yourself. The insurance company will then select a repairer and get you into a courtesy vehicle but not always a like-for-like vehicle, especially if it is a prestigious car. What’s worse is the repairs are never checked by the insurance engineers to confirm they are to the correct standards – we’ve heard plenty of horror stories where insurance “approved” bodyshops have used second-hand (used) parts or inferior copy parts instead of genuine OE parts and cut corners on the repairs to save themselves time and money.

Bodyteq can take the hassle out from non-fault insurance repairs!

Car Crash Repair EstimateTalk to us about taking on the entire process from start to finish. We will arrange collection of your vehicle and get you in to a like-for-like courtesy vehicle right away. We will send an independent engineers report to your insurance company and to the third parties insurance company along with our estimate for the repairs. The advantage for you is that you do not need to seek any other quotes from bodyshops and because we have put you into a hire car from day one, the third party insurance will act much quicker to respond and authorise the repairs sooner rather than later to avoid paying high courtesy car hire bills. Bodyteq will only ever use brand new genuine and/or Thatcham Approved OE quality parts to ensure each and every accident repaired vehicle is repaired to the industry standards. Once the vehicle has been repaired, we can arrange delivery of the vehicle back to you and collection of the courtesy vehicle.

So as the non-fault driver involved, for you it would simply be a single phone call to Bodyteq!

For more information on our Hassle Free Insurance Accident Repairs, contact us today 0n 0207 998 4712.

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