13 Feb, 19

Ford Recalls Vehicles for Incorrectly Assembled Rear Door Latch Spring

Child safety locks are an important component of every family-owned vehicle. Let’s face it, children are quite impulsive, one second they’ll be quietly snoozing, the next they’re trying to yank the car door open. This is why the child lock is so essential, it allows the drivers to be at ease, knowing the doors can only be opened from the outside. Some vehicles have automatic locks, which switch on when the car starts or when it reaches a certain speed, and unlocks when the car engine turns off. While child safety locks are not mandated to have by law, most modern cars have them to keep both children and other individuals in the vehicle safe.

However, for a recall case by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency for over 3,021 Ford Focus vehicles with incorrectly functioning child safety locks, this was not the case. Specifically, the vehicles were found to contain defunct rear door child looks. This recall was issued on November 30, 2018, and the fault affected vehicles from April 17, 2018, to August 3, 2018.  During this process, concerns had been made that the rear door lock spring had not been properly assembled during production, which, in turn, could cause the lock to not function correctly. It has been advised that all owners who had purchased a Ford Focus since the launch date should examine their car locks for any defects and have them replaced if deemed necessary.

If you have any concerns on the functionality of your Ford Focus’s child safety lock, you may visit your nearest car dealership. However, If your vehicle is not part of the recall but you suspect an issue with the locking system, get in touch with us at Bodyteq.

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