22 Jun, 18

Fuel Efficiency – How To Cut Your Fuel Consumption

How To Improve Fuel Economy

Are you struggling with an increase in your vehicles fuel consumption? It can be annoying, especially with fluctuating fuel prices, it can be a dreaded feeling turning into the petrol station to fill your car up. Some of us even leave it until the last moment when the vehicle is slurping up the last droplets of fuel, just to avoid the hefty bill (which is not recommended). However, how can you reduce fuel consumption? Other than the ultimate fuel saving…

13 Jun, 18

I Want To Sell My Car – How Can I Increase Its Value?

Increase Vehicles Trade-In Or Resale Value

It may get to a time in your life when you’re looking for a change, whether it’s something as small as picking up a new hobby, or something big like replacing your vehicle! Whether you’re looking to trade-in your vehicle to a dealership or you want to think about privately selling it, there are a few things you can do to maybe increase its resale value. Have a read of what you can do to possibly get a little more…

23 May, 18

Car Paint Scratch: How Deep Is It?

How Deep Is The Paintwork Scratch?

As most people who own a car would agree, getting scratches in your paintwork is a very common yet annoying problem. Not only do they dull your cars visual appeal, but they can also be difficult to remove. It’s quite irritating, isn’t it? Especially if you’ve just had your car washed and then you walk past admiring it, only to find a group of scratches have popped up on your paintwork! One of the questions you ask when you’re in…

18 May, 18

Car Paintwork Scratches: How To Fix Them!

Car Scratches: Guide On How To Fix Them!

Whether it’s from loose stones hitting your paintwork or a careless driver being, well… careless, getting scratches on your car can be a pain! But thankfully, there are a number of methods to fix them. One of those methods is scratch remover kits, the ultimate DIY. You might be a bit sceptical, thinking do they actually remove the scratches? Well, they do if you use them correctly. So, for your benefit, we’ve put together a guide on when to &…

15 May, 18

I’ve Just Had A Car Accident: What Should I Do?

I've Just Had An Accident: What Should I Do?

You’ve just got into a minor accident with another car, but regardless of it being a small collision, you’re still reeling from the shock! Adrenaline is coursing through your veins, and millions of questions are whizzing through your head like ‘is anyone hurt’, ‘was it my fault’ and ‘how much is my car damaged?’ Once the preliminary shock wears off though and you’re sure nobody is seriously injured, it’s essential to try and be calm and ask yourself ‘what do…

02 May, 18

Car Wax And Car Polish: What Is The Difference?

Difference Between Car Wax And Car Polish

Keeping on top of your cars exterior maintenance can be a difficult job. But choosing what products you should use seems to be the bigger problem. Imagine you have a scratch you want to remove or your cars paintwork is looking worn, what product is best suited for these issues? Well, the two main ones that come to mind should be car wax and car polish! There is a common misconception about what a wax is used for and what…

27 Apr, 18

Common Paintwork Damage: Problems & Solutions

Damage To Car Paintwork - Problems & Solutions

Don’t you just dream of your car paintwork being completely perfect all the time, no scratches, no dents and no stains! But we live in the real world, and unless you lock your car up in a garage and instead ride the public transport every day, then it’s inevitable that you’ll pick up some sort of blemishes on your car. Not only do scratches and dents make your car look unappealing, but they also make your potential resale value drop.…

17 Apr, 18

How To: Remove Scratches With T-Cut

How To Remove Scratches With T-Cut

Have you ever walked past your car and done a double take because you’ve just noticed a scratch? And then you frantically rub over it, hoping it’s just a dirt smudge, but it remains. Sometimes, the first thing that will come to your mind is if you can fix it yourself. Thankfully, there are many products out there that are specifically made for removing scratches, one popular one being T-Cut. Read on to find out the details of the product,…

29 Mar, 18

How Often Should You Clean Your Car?

Cleaning A Car

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Car Clean? Ever wonder how can I maintain the value of my car? What things other than general maintenance could I do? When thinking of your cars general maintenance and how to keep its value from depreciating, do you ever think that doing something as simple as washing it regularly can have a significant impact? Yes, it’s true. By maintaining your cars outer appearance, you’re technically adding more years to its life and…

27 Mar, 18

Preventing Car Parking Accidents

Collision In A Car Park

How To Prevent Car Park AccidentsSometimes it can be tempting to just wrap your whole car in bubble wrap to avoid it getting any bumps or scratches, because even in secure places like a car park, where you least expect to have an accident or damage your car, your car may not be safe. When RAC carried out an Insurance research, they found that a third of you have been the victims of at least one car park incident, incurring…