22 Jan, 19

Increasing The Value Of Your Car: How To Get The Best Trade-In Offer For Your Vehicle

How to Trade In Your Old Vehicle for a New One

Finally! After years of budgeting and carefully managing your money, you have the savings to purchase a new car. However, you have a small problem... how do you get rid of your existing vehicle? Whilst privately selling your vehicle will provide you with the highest return, it also means you have to go through the hassle of paying for advertisements, taking calls regarding it, book viewings for potential customers and possibly take them for test drives… I don’t know about…

21 Jan, 19

How To: Avoid Swirl Marks When Washing Your Car

Why Microfiber Cloths are best

Cleaning your vehicle is not only a chore, but it can be a risky business. Have you ever thought what are those strange smudges on your vehicle, even though you just went through the drive-through car wash hours before? Oh, the cruel irony... you go with the intention of cleaning your car and end up leaving with blemishes, like swirl marks, littering your paintwork. It's not the most ideal scenario. However, there are ways to avoid this happening, by better…

13 Sep, 18

Car Insurance Excess & How To Legally Avoid Paying It!

Motor Insurance Excess

Getting into an accident is already a very unfortunate event, however, having to deal with making an insurance claim and paying the car insurance excess stated on your policy is another stress on your head. But don’t worry, we’re always finding new ways to help our customers, so we’ve provided you with a mini guide on insurance excess to clear up any confusion you may have! What Is Car Insurance Excess? After an accident, you have to worry about the…

31 Jul, 18

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repairs

Imagine this, you’ve just returned from an event and you’re walking back to the street where you parked your car, still happy about the fact you managed to find free on-street parking close to the venue! However, you’re welcomed with a big shock because there’s a large dent sat in your bodywork, that definitely was not there when you left. You rack your brain for anywhere you know that does dent repairs but come up blank, so you give it…

10 Jul, 18

Car Body Repairs For End Of Lease Vehicles

Car Repairs For When You Return Your Lease Car

Leasing a car is all sunshine and rainbows until it comes to the end of the agreement and you have to worry about ensuring it’s in the best condition for its return. The leasing companies are very thorough with their checks, so if you have any cosmetic damage on your vehicle and they spot it on their inspection, some of them can charge you a bomb for these end of lease car body repairs (the type of extortionate prices that…

22 Jun, 18

Fuel Efficiency – How To Cut Your Fuel Consumption

How To Improve Fuel Economy

Are you struggling with an increase in your vehicles fuel consumption? It can be annoying, especially with fluctuating fuel prices, it can be a dreaded feeling turning into the petrol station to fill your car up. Some of us even leave it until the last moment when the vehicle is slurping up the last droplets of fuel, just to avoid the hefty bill (which is not recommended). However, how can you reduce fuel consumption? Other than the ultimate fuel saving…

13 Jun, 18

I Want To Sell My Car – How Can I Increase Its Value?

Increase Vehicles Trade-In Or Resale Value

It may get to a time in your life when you’re looking for a change, whether it’s something as small as picking up a new hobby, or something big like replacing your vehicle! Whether you’re looking to trade-in your vehicle to a dealership or you want to think about privately selling it, there are a few things you can do to maybe increase its resale value. Have a read of what you can do to possibly get a little more…

23 May, 18

Car Paint Scratch: How Deep Is It?

How Deep Is The Paintwork Scratch?

As most people who own a car would agree, getting scratches in your paintwork is a very common yet annoying problem. Not only do they dull your cars visual appeal, but they can also be difficult to remove. It’s quite irritating, isn’t it? Especially if you’ve just had your car washed and then you walk past admiring it, only to find a group of scratches have popped up on your paintwork! One of the questions you ask when you’re in…

18 May, 18

Car Paintwork Scratches: How To Fix Them!

Car Scratches: Guide On How To Fix Them!

Whether it’s from loose stones hitting your paintwork or a careless driver being, well… careless, getting scratches on your car can be a pain! But thankfully, there are a number of methods to fix them. One of those methods is scratch remover kits, the ultimate DIY. You might be a bit sceptical, thinking do they actually remove the scratches? Well, they do if you use them correctly. So, for your benefit, we’ve put together a guide on when to &…

15 May, 18

I’ve Just Had A Car Accident: What Should I Do?

I've Just Had An Accident: What Should I Do?

You’ve just got into a minor accident with another car, but regardless of it being a small collision, you’re still reeling from the shock! Adrenaline is coursing through your veins, and millions of questions are whizzing through your head like ‘is anyone hurt’, ‘was it my fault’ and ‘how much is my car damaged?’ Once the preliminary shock wears off though and you’re sure nobody is seriously injured, it’s essential to try and be calm and ask yourself ‘what do…