14 Jul, 19

Windshield Damage: Different Types Explained


Windshield damage is something none of us wants to have to deal with. Many people are under the impression that as soon as a small chip or crack develops on the windshield, you have to get that windshield replaced immediately! However, this is not the case in some scenarios. Repairs or replacement all depends on the type and extent of the windscreen damage. Therefore, do not worry if you’re dealing with this dilemma right now, because this post will help…

04 Jul, 19

The Best Car Paint Sealants For Car Paintwork Protection

Car Paintwork Sealant

When you are passionate about your car, you want to take care of it in every way possible. That means ensuring it’s running smoothly, whilst also looking good cosmetically. Essentially, you want to feel proud and confident cruising in your ride, not ducking every time you drive by somebody you know! There are lots of possible ways in which the paintwork on your car could get damaged. Whether it’s little stones from the road scratching it, UV rays causing the…

26 Jun, 19

Why We Paint Cars In a Spray Booth

Do you consider yourself to be a bit of a ‘Handy Man’ or know someone that is obsessed with DIY projects? These days it seems we can do almost anything ourselves with a bit of ‘Googling’ and a few Youtube videos. But don’t they make it look so easy in the videos and in reality when you try doing it yourself, the results are never quite the same. I think it is safe to say that not all things should…

04 Jun, 19

Car Paint Repairs In London

Car Body Paint Repairs In London

However much we try and look after our vehicles, at some point they are bound to get a little wear and tear, especially if they are being driven frequently. While you may be a very careful driver, other people on the road may not be so mindful. Some just aim to get from A to B, not caring about the havoc they may cause on the way. Some car paint chips here and little bumper scuffs there won't faze them!…

22 May, 19

Dent Repair Bodyshop Garage in London

Dent Repair Garage in London

Have you ever woken up in the morning, had your cup of coffee and actually felt good about heading to work? You have a little skip in your step as you walk towards your vehicle, only to stop in your tracks and gape at your worse nightmare - a dent in your car body work. You rack your brain, thinking how in the world it happened and how you’re going to fix it! Was it from yesterdays commute to work?…

25 Apr, 19

Car Scratch Repair Specialists in London

Scratch Repairs in London

Have you ever had one of those miserable days when you wake up late for work and the sky is gloomy? You go to make yourself a coffee to find the milk is off and just when you think things couldn’t possibly get any worse, you step outside only to find your car, your pride & joy has been the victim to vandals! Whether your vehicle has been scratched in car parks, keyed by vandals or in a road traffic…

05 Apr, 19

Car Bumper Repair Bodyshop in London

Bumper Repair in London

Did you know the purpose of a bumper is to absorb impact damage from a minor collision? You could say that damage to the bumper is then expected. However, vehicles are no longer just a means of transport, they’re a fashion accessory as well and let's face it, no one intentionally dresses up to look bad, so why should your vehicle let you down? A recent study on statista showed that in 2017 there were 31.2 million licensed cars across…

13 Feb, 19

Ford Recalls Vehicles for Incorrectly Assembled Rear Door Latch Spring

How to replace malfunctioning child lock safety feature

Child safety locks are an important component of every family-owned vehicle. Let's face it, children are quite impulsive, one second they'll be quietly snoozing, the next they're trying to yank the car door open. This is why the child lock is so essential, it allows the drivers to be at ease, knowing the doors can only be opened from the outside. Some vehicles have automatic locks, which switch on when the car starts or when it reaches a certain speed,…

30 Jan, 19

Product Recall: Chrysler 300 C Jeep Wrangler

product recall chyrsler 300C

Airbags are now a common fixture in modern day vehicles, however, imagine if we didn't have them in our vehicles, or if we did, what would happen if they were faulty? An airbag is meant to absorb the impact and minimise injuries in the event of a collision, as it provides the driver and the passenger with cushioning before they violently collide with the front, interior surface of the vehicle. If the airbag is faulty, you will not have any…

25 Jan, 19

How to Remove Rust from Your Vehicle

I remembered reading this somewhere, “As long as vehicle body panels are made from steel, they’re going to rust.” Yikes! Not much optimism there. However, no matter what you do, there will always be a hidden part of your vehicle that could already be rusting, or about to start. Of course, to lower the risk of rust starting, owners could apply a paint protection film over the rust-prone areas, such as the edges of the hood. But mind you, once…