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Car Wax And Car Polish: What Is The Difference?

Difference Between Car Wax And Car PolishKeeping on top of your cars exterior maintenance can be a difficult job. But choosing what products you should use seems to be the bigger problem. Imagine you have a scratch you want to remove or your cars paintwork is looking worn, what product is best suited for these issues? Well, the two main ones that come to mind should be car wax and car polish!

There is a common misconception about what a wax is used for and what a polish is used for on your car. You’ll be surprised how many people search the internet to find out the difference between them both. In order to clear this confusion up, read on to find out what each one is and what they individually do to your car!

What Is Car Wax?

Car wax is a product specifically designed to protect the paintwork of your car after you have polished it. Usually, it is in the form of a non-abrasive paste, containing natural waxes, one popular wax being carnauba wax.

As you may know, a clear-coat is usually applied over your paint on your car, and over time, little flaws may start to form in it. Essentially, a wax fills in these little dents in the clear-coat and serves as a protective layer against the contaminants you come across every day, such as dirt, road debris and dust. If these happen to gather on your car’s surface for an extended period of time, they could potentially cause long-term damage, which is why a wax coating is recommended. Not only does it prevent your paintwork from getting flawed, but it also leaves it with a clear shine!

If you feel your car is suffering from dull and oxidised paint, due to too much sunlight exposure, then adding wax won’t fix this problem, if anything it will just temporarily cover them. You should think of fixing the problem first by polishing your car, and then adding wax to leave your car with that sleek showroom finish!

What Is Car Polish?

Car Wax And Car Polish: How Do They Differ?A car polish is a slightly abrasive liquid that is designed to correct your cars paintwork of any scratches or marks, leaving a flat and even finish. Its goal is to not protect your paintwork but to remove any imperfections.

The severity of the blemish on the paintwork will decide what polish you use, as a deep scratch will need a polish containing a harsh abrasive, as it will cut through more fine layers of paint, to smooth it out. Opposed to deeper scratches, swirl marks in the paint will only require a polish with a light abrasive, as you want to take the least amount of paint off to remove the surface scratch.

How Do They Differ?

There shouldn’t be a competition between car waxes and car polishes, as they both work together in harmony. Their different functions allow you to get the best finish.

Using the polish will smooth out any marks and leave the paint with an even and shiny finish. But what will protect all the hard work you put into polishing the car? This is where the wax comes in (or should I say on), it will provide a protective layer over the polish and leave your car with a long-lasting gloss!

If your cars paintwork isn’t looking as glossy as it did a few months ago, you don’t need to worry. Here at Bodyteq, we provide a number of different services that will restore the shine to your car in no time!

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