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Car Scratch Repair Specialists in London

Car Scratch Repairs in London Have you ever had one of those miserable days when you wake up late for work and the sky is gloomy? You go to make yourself a coffee to find the milk is off and just when you think things couldn’t possibly get any worse, you step outside only to find your car, your pride & joy has been the victim to vandals!

Whether your vehicle has been scratched in car parks, keyed by vandals or in a road traffic accident, you are not alone and thanks to our efficient & professional scratch repair service, it needn’t break the bank!

With just over 31million licensed cars on the roads in Great Britain, a recent study on statista showed that in 2017, over £7bn was paid out in motor insurance claims. That data does not include any private repairs where the insurance company was not notified of the damage.

We’ve recently seen an increase in the number of enquiries we receive for paint scratches and so, we’ve put together this article to cover some of the most important questions we’re asked on a daily basis. If you’ve got any car scratches, even a small scratch, get in touch to see how we can rectify it quickly & efficiently.

What Does A Car Scratch Repair Cost?

There are many factors we must consider when compiling an estimate for a scratch repair. Things such as the colour of the vehicle, whether it is a solid/metallic/pearlescent paint and whether we feel blending into adjacent panels for a colour-match finish will be necessary, are all the things we need to consider when calculating the costs.

The easiest way to get a quote from us would be to fill in our online form. Be sure to include the vehicle registration and pictures so that we can see how deep it is and where the scratch is on the vehicle.

We conform with strict Thatcham Approved Repair methods to ensure that each and every repair meets & exceeds manufacturer specifications. And all car body repairs, with the exception of rust repairs, are backed by a 5-year paint guarantee.

What About A Scratch Repair Kit?

There is a lot of mixed information online about scratch repair kits and whether they truly work or not. We’re here to tell you that yes, they do in fact work but only when certain conditions are met. You first need to identify how deep the scratch is.

Most surface scratches can be removed with scratch repair kits but you should always take care when using them as you could end up causing more damage, which could increase the costs of the final repair.

Does T-Cut Remove Scratches?

How To Remove Scratches With T-CutT-Cut repairs minor surface scratches and bumper scuffs but again, it is abrasive so you should take care when using it. If the scratch is not coming out, chances are it’s too deep and will need a professional body shop repair.

If you have identified the depth of the scratch and feel confident in attempting to repair the damaged area yourself, check out this great car scratch removal guide we published on how to use T-Cut.

At Bodyteq, we stock a whole host of compounds and polishes to choose from to ensure we always get the best results!

How About A Smart Repair Instead?

Smart repairs are a great way to tidy up those minor paint defects and scratches to the highest quality at a fraction of the price. We have invested in specialist equipment allowing us to speed up production times in the body shop whilst continuing to achieve that high-quality paint repair finish you expect from a prestige body shop.

Smart repairs are considered to be more environmentally friendly since there is less waste product produced and less paint & materials used during the repair process. We pass on the savings, so you can expect a great repair at a reduced cost!

A smart repair is not always the best solution and that is something our trained vehicle assessors will decide when inspecting the damage.

How About a Mobile Car Body Repair?

We do not offer mobile repairs and have never recommended them. At Bodyteq, all painting is done in our state-of-the-art high top, low bake oven. A completely sealed off, temperature controlled spray booth, fully fitted with intake & extraction filters to ensure we can achieve a car paint repair finish that meets & exceeds manufacturer specifications.

Mobile Car Scratch Repairs are executed by someone who will come out and set up a tent covering your vehicle. It is far more difficult to control the ambient temperature, dust, humidity and other factors that may affect the finish when working from a tent and at Bodyteq, we’re not willing to compromise on quality.

Do You Only Offer Scratch Repairs?

Not at all! We’re a fully fitted body shop and have a great team of experts, allowing us to offer a host of body shop services. Whether it’s a dent repair, bumper repair or rust repair, we can help. We also take on restoration projects, fit body kits and custom paint work – there is no job too big or small. Do You Offer Scratch Repairs Near Me?

We serve a very large client base from our body shop in Greenwich, London and are always happy to welcome new customers that may never have tried our services before. If you’ve noticed a scratch on your vehicle that you would like repaired professionally, get in touch by either calling us to book an appointment with one of our vehicle assessors or for an instant quote, use our online form.

10 thoughts on “Car Scratch Repair Specialists in London

    • Hi Wendy

      Happy New Year

      We’ve sent you an email and can see you’ve submitted images of the damage but have since then had your vehicle hit by a tractor which I’m sorry to hear about and hope there were no injuries. We will call you on Monday to discuss the repairs of the two keyed panels and also the more recent damage caused by the tractor.

      Kind Regards


  • Hi there,I’ve got small scratches on my Audi A5 black 2013, while I was returning from shopping complex car park,just above the rare left wheel of metal plate.Could you please tell me the cost of repair it and times that will take to be finished?Thank you

    • Hi Suresh

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      We have sent you an email with a guide price and some information. If you can respond with images of your vehicle showing the damaged panel, we can then confirm a price based on the images provided to us.

      Kind Regards


    • Hi Mariana

      Certainly – We’re always happy to help!

      We have sent you an email, if you could kindly respond to that email with some images of the damage and your vehicle details we can then get back to you with a fairly accurate estimate for the repairs.

      Kind Regards


  • My car has been vandalised today in a shopping car park but their cctv doesn’t cover where my car was so I do not have details of who caused the damage. Can you please help with a private scratch repair? I would prefer it if we can avoid going through insurance. The scratches are all the way down one side from the front to back!

    • Hi Emily

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      That’s awful and I’m sorry to hear of your misfortune. I have sent you an email, kindly respond with your vehicle details (make/model/reg) and attach some images of the damaged panels. I can then calculate the cost of repairs for you. Furthermore, if you do decide to go through insurance, we offer an ‘excess guarantee policy‘ which you may be eligible for.

      Kind Regards


  • I’ve got a few deep scratches on my Audi A7 (2018) can you please quote me? The scratches are on the front bumper and wing, driver side.

    • Hello Sean

      Thank you for your enquiry,

      We have sent you an email. So that we can provide you with an estimate, kindly respond with the vehicle registration and images of the affected panels.

      Kind Regards


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