Smart Body Repairs

Smart Repairs in London
Sadly it is inevitable with the driving conditions in London and in fact expected that over time your vehicle will be subjected to minor damages including dents, scuffs and scratches. Whether it was your side mirror, door, a bumper or alloy wheels – we have a revolutionary system that alloys us to repair only the damaged area instead of the entire panel. This allows us to offer a fast, professional repair to the same quality as conventional repair techniques but much more cost efficient because we’re able to repair multiple damages across many panels for much less.

Smart Repairs Suitability
Our Smart Repairs service is suitable for most carpark dents, scuffs, scratches and other damage to body panels, plastics and bumpers, mirrors, interiors and alloy wheels. At Bodyteq we use only quality paints and materials to ensure that our repairs meet the highest standards and your vehicle is returned in a pristine condition.

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