Paintless Dent RepairsPaintless Dent Repairs in London
Bodyteq offer a Paintless Dent Repair service to repair those annoying little dents and scratches that are inevitable in everyday driving. Whether it is a carpark dent, a stray shopping trolley, vandalism or slow-speed impacts – we’re proud to say say we have the required experience and skills to perform a Paintless Dent Repair to restore your vehicle to it’s pristine condition, saving you money and time.

How Paintless Dent Repairs Work
The processes of a paintless dent repair involves gently massaging and manipulating the dent with specialist dent repair tools to remove the dent without cracking or damaging the paint surface. A paintless dent repair requires patience and attention to detail and when done correctly can give flawless results. There is no requirement for any filler work or re-spraying and no worries of colour miss-matches or runs in the paint work. Our specialist technicians are highly trained in the latest paintless dent repair techniques to ensure we always achieve the best possible results.

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Paintless Dent Repair In London